I’m a Mac guy, I’ve been working with Apple laptops for many years. I buy a new Mac about every 2 to 3 years. This year 2018 I had to buy one because my 2015 model pretty much died.

I’ve always been happy with my Mac, until now. The Macbook Pro Touch Bar 2017 is a huge disappointment, especially for the price paid. This is the most expensive Mac I owned apart from the Mac Mini. At the same time this is the most troublesome and disappointing one.

  • Under normal usage the chassis gets very hot
  • The keys tend to stick easily
  • The chassis makes noise like an empty coke can


Whether it’s the upgraded iOS of macOS High Sierra or something else, this is by far the slowest Mac I’ve owned. MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports). Processor 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5. Memory 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB.

If you buy a new computer that has double the specs of a 2015 model, you’d expect twice the performance, I’ve actually noticed a speed decrease. My videos take 4 times as long to render.


Chassis heat

The heat the laptop emits is out of this world, this is supposed to be a laptop, i.e. a portable computer you place on your lap without your legs getting a second-degree burn. You can’t type comfortably as your palms will become so sweaty that you’re slipping all over the place.

Sticky keys

A keyboard can gather dust and other pollutants over the years and get sticky. But a brand new less than 30 days old Mac should not have sticky keys unless you had a party (which I didn’t). As if they haven’t learned from this? And do a search in google for keys getting stuck, you’ll find a gazillion people with the same problem.

Macbook Chassis Noise

I’m still waiting to get all my problems solved, although I won’t be holding my breath, with this one I’m sure they’ll be like “it’s harmless”, it might be harmless but it’s annoying and it should not happen with a brand new computer. My computer should make no noise at all, end of story. Reading other stories I don’t think they’ll do a damn thing about it.

I always used to recommend Apple, I still believe they’re the best for video editing, but Apple is seriously going downhill with the quality, and the ability to get things professionally sorted.

Besides the above issues, I’m also experiencing memory issues I believe, when there is something memory intense my menus all go blank, right click, navigation, etc. all turn blank, and I also get random black rectangles/squares on the screen. Nothing I can do then but a hard reset. To top it all off, it appears that they’ve activated the computer in 2017, one year before I purchased it, at least that’s what La Cañada told me, they would not serve me after a 1 hour drive.

I bought my Mac from Goldenmac in Malaga, it’s been a pain so far to get anything solved, and you have to keep in mind I reported all this within 30 days of purchase.


Part of my correspondence with Apple:


Case Number: 100572885006
Hi again, Taco

Sorry again for taking so long to reply.
I totally understand what you mean and how now how much inconvenience this can cause.
About the direct replacement, as I told you on call, the only place where that could happen is at the store where device was originally bought. Other than that There’s no other way to ask for the direct replacement.
Either way, as also reported previously, the store told me that they can’t proceed with that particular option (replacement) since more than 15 days passed after device’s original date of purchase.
Once again, if there’s any repair needed they won’t deny you that for sure.

In case you insist with the replacement, which I totally understand, the only thing left to do is contact ta legal department (consumer defence, for instance, in order to check that possibility. They, better than I, can advise how to proceed.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot more than I can provide, Taco.
I wish I could give you any other solution, but that’s not the case.

Best regards,

Augusto Meira
Apple Distribution International


Hello Augusto,

from what I understand there is really nothing Apple can do to help. You’re basically washing your hands. I asked for you to confirm several things. I’m not going to bother further with this communication thread, I do however need you to confirm that Javier from La Cañada was wrong? If so, I will go back to La Cañada and get them to look at it.
The silence from you and the other people I’ve spoken to about the warranty issue makes me think there is something bigger going on, or you guys just don’t know what the answer is.

Did the store or did the store not activate my license in 2017? YES / NO
Is my warranty up with apple YES / NO