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What can I do for you?

Personal Training

Personal training from your home, the beach, our gym, or the park. Your goals, your time. Suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced.

Group Fitness

Group fitness on the beach, in the park, at our gym, or from your home. You bring the group, I bring the knowledge and enthusiasm to help the group reach their goals.


Just you or a group, explore the beach boot camp style, hike a river, track through a mountain with a kettlebell, do group challenges, you name it.


Hire a venue, provide the venue, or use ours. I provide kettlebell workshops for beginners to advanced. Learn how to train with kettlebells, or progress from where you're at.

What others said
Kate McCann
Online Course Testimonial
“The Caveman Kettlebell Trainer L3 course is full of information. It’s presented in a logical fashion allowing you to move through it without being overwhelmed. The flexibility of the online format is perfect – you could race through the material in a few days or complete it when life allows. Within the course there’s a great mix of practical, theory and research assessments.

My favourite part of the course was the feedback obtained from my coach during the practical assessments. It was detailed, concise and invaluable, probably worth the cost of the course alone.``

Lisa Colquhoun
Book Testimonial
``If you’re a beginner, training in kettlebells or an instructor, it's definitely a go-to guide on how to start, if not perfect your journey into the world of Kettlebell sport.

Stumbling on to Taco’s Facebook and connecting with him has turned my KB world upside down and made me even more excited about being in the industry - even after teaching KB for 4 years. This book is like having him in the studio with you. It’s gutsy, honest and you won’t walk away with ‘but’s and if’s’ because there are none. He says it like it is and you can either take it and advance yourself, or leave it and pretend like you know everything.”

Jason Howell from CrossFit Team Offutt Tactical Fitness
Workshop Testimonial
”Kettlebell Workshop for CrossFit by Taco Fleur is a great manual on how to run a four hour workshop, covering the kettlebell swing and snatch for CrossFit. It has some great videos that illustrate the differences between the sport, training and hard styles of kettlebell work. He also does a great job discussing and explaining when each style is preferred based on what your goals are. This is especially beneficial for CrossFitters who are just starting with kettlebells giving them a good guide on the different methods, their advantages and to use them for efficiency.

The biggest value to this book though is for the coach. It expertly breaks down by the minute how to run a four hour workshop/seminar. If you don't have a lot of experience running seminars, this guide is indispensable. Knowing how long to spend on each lesson, and what to cover makes holding a seminar a breeze. Even if you have a lot of experience in running seminars, this is a great guide and everyone from the novice to the expert will take several great pieces of advice from it.”

Darren John Cook
Kettlebell Class + Adventure Testimonial
”Hi Taco, now that I've had a good nights rest (and a long soak in the pool), I just wanted to say THANK YOU for yesterday's hike.

To be honest, I felt slightly apprehensive about hiking for 5 hours (whilst carrying a 14KG Kettlebell) but i was confident that I would complete it.

One of the main reasons I felt confident is solely down to your influence and guidance.

Since beginning your Kettlebell classes 3 months ago, your attitude and 'mental toughness' has inspired me to challenge my perceived ability and push myself much further than I would have in the past. I wont lie, at times it's been tough, but the sense of achievement that it has given me is beyond measure.

There are many people advertising personal training services along the coast and I can't comment on their style/approach but what I can comment on - and highly recommend - is your knowledge, support and mind set.

Your positive influence has enabled me to take my training in a different direction and given me the confidence to succeed.

So, thank you once again for yesterday (and the past 3 months) and look forward to the next 3 months of pushing myself even further.........there are no limits!”

Emma Roberts
Kettlebell Class + Adventure Testimonial
”I have recently joined Taco's Kettle bell class in Fuengirola. It is a fantastic class! At the beginning of each class the WOD is explained and demonstrated fully. Taco explains the technique of each movement and goes through mobility before starting the WOD. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who is interested in Kettlebells. It caters for all levels of experience. It is a friendly group of guys that attend the class who are there to learn and best improve themselves. Taco is always willing to give advice on ways to improve each persons form. We have also recently been on a hike in Nerja which was by far the best hike I've been on yet!”
Katie Tunnah
Group Fitness Testimonial
”Taco! Its been one week without caveman! I feel lazy already! your gym is seriously the coolest gym I’ve seen. Loved the concept of it, the industrial feel, where else can you work out in an open-air gym on the rooftop or in a carpark?! I have never been motivated to go to a gym, or to even get fit, and dislike regular gyms due to the Popeye’s and Lorna Janes that go there trying to look pretty, but at Cavemantraining, if you’re looking pretty, you’re not doing it right!! Its for serious work outs. 4 months ago I couldn’t even do a pushup (no girl pushups allowed?!), with only one class a week I can now do about 15 real man pushups (or more when I’m yelled at, I give loads of credit to Cavemantraining for getting me fit enough to complete Spartan Super.”
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